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Compter service

Some Services offered include the following:

Spyware, Malware, Virus removal
Computers get slow when they get infected with Spyware, Malware,Viruses etc. Everyday many such bugs are on the internet. Computers could get affected by these bugs without the knowledge of the end users when they visit ceratin websites or open up suspicious emails. Hackers could place scrpts in computers for stealing information. Some people download some anti bug programs or whatever to run on their computers to clean them. If you don't know which program is good and which is bad, you may be at risk of putting more bugs in your computer by downloading these fictitious programs. Let us do this repair for you as we even manually remove bugs that can't be removed by some anti-virus or anti-spywre programs.

Free pick and deleivery at no extra cost
In fact, many people are computer literate today than ever before. Whatever may be the situation, many people do not have the time to fix computers. It's like one knows how to change spark plugs on the car and don't want to do it. We do free pick and delivery to repair computers if you give the job to us.  As long as you have internet connectivity, we could diagnose the computer problem remotely and even repair it. When we have time, we coould come home or office and repair the computer then and there.

We solve wired or wireless networking problems. We do not run or install wires for the Network. You may call an electrician to install network cables.

Data Recovery
Sometimes viruses could damage functionality of a computer in a way not accesible to run any program at all to remove them. If the data is not destroyed, we could recover and transfer data to a new clean hard drive or on any data recordable medium. Sometimes, we could find a way to remove such difficult malicious programs, leaving almost everything else intact. 

Other services
The owner has more than 23 years in building, repairing computers and other electronics equipments. If you need help with an elctronics equipment, give us a call or send us an email and we'll see how we can help you. 

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