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About Us


The founder of this business started working in the computer industry since Intel 8088 XT with 4.77 MHz microprocessor  computers were then popular for personal use. The owner since had build and repaired thousands and thousands of personal computers to the satisfaction of many. The owner is a qualified electronics technician, self taught web developer, programmer and a previous mathematician with published works.

The Name:

Micromindcomputers visualizes a notion that even though computers are quick in processing instruction sets, they don't think like humans do. The owner believes that microprocessors are some sort of a "micromind" kind of entity.  Broadly, Micromindcomputers means microprocessor computers that have micro capacity of our great minds that even invented computers. 


The owner started the business by servicing computers and thereafter selling computers and peripherals. Later, the owner moved onto endeavors such as self taught web design and creation of an audio-visual webware. This site is one of the tasks done by the owner.


The company is a small scale industry with an ambition to expand in other fields but designed to withstand any economic challenges. The company exists in a technology time of "now" and takes pride in working to meet or exceed expectations of customers.